The future of data management.

Encore is an augmented data management platform to collect, clean and manage data of your favorite tools, without code.

What Encore does

We transform disparate sources of data from worlds best SaaS tools, to APIs, up to databases into an integrated warehouse without engineering requirements.

Build a robust backend for your data, without coding.

No matter if you are running a marketplace, a mobile app or an online-shop, Encore offers a complete toolkit to run your entire technology stack from Salesforce up to Stripe on exactly the same data without requiring any additional engineering.

Connect technology stacks at scale.

We believe that data should be a fully accessible asset to any business. Therefore we obsessively seek to create a frictionless solution for connecting disparate sources of data. Because there is no additional engineering required, you can get up and running with Encore in minutes and support your marketing, product, and analytics teams with valuable data in real-time.